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Danh hiệuThành Viên Cấp 1

Thành Viên Cấp 1

link Mu:http://www.mayamu.cc/
link DC,tàu chỉ có qq ae mình xài DC
[MaYaMU-S17PT2 District 1 - International Service] Server time 2020/7/22 12:00 open the hanging WC, 1 second/1WC, 19:00 start the upgrade The website has been opened for registration, you can register directly http://www.mayamu.cc/ -1.EXP:1000/1500/2000 -2.The full point is 64,000 points, and the highest single item is 32,767 points. Birth points are 500 points. -3.Buy and sell apples in the store to get gold coins, and girls sell +5 gold treasure chests to get BloodAngel -4.Share FB, get a new mount - Earth Dragon +100000 WC -5.Invite more than 10 friends to join DC: get a special prize - set cloak gold saint -6.Brand new faction duel system! Let you become famous in battle! -7.Cross the line anytime, anywhere, and communicate with international friends "in-depth" -8.This server integrates passion, treasure, collection, and synthesis of classics as one of the characteristic settings -9.Original characteristic props, maps, and copies will make you refreshed! -10.The new map V1-V10 is upgraded layer by layer, unlimited BOSS room, Wc and Gp map -11.New 13 class adjustments, let you punch to the flesh! Enjoy the ultimate output! ... Come and join us!

Về Đầu TrangThông điệp [Trang 1 trong tổng số 1 trang]

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