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SoulMU DYNAMIC x200 LAUNCH - 15 August Opennew2

SoulMU Season 6 DYNAMIC x200 Server coming - 15 AUGUST ! The fastest way to level-up is by creating party, because of extra EXP bonus. No OP items, No Webshop, limited Cash Shop X, fair play for everyone. Information about rewards and other system configuration settings can be found down below and also at our forum. Stay up to date and keep visiting our forums and game guides for more information. 

WEBSITE: http://soulmu.net
FORUM: http://forum.soulmu.net
FILES: http://soulmu.net/downloads
REGISTRATION: http://soulmu.net/registration


» Version: Season 6 Episode 3
» Experience: 
----- 0 - 10 resets = x200
----- 0 - 20 resets = x175
----- 0 - 30 resets = x150
----- 0 - 40 resets = x125
----- 0 - 50 resets = x100
» Master Exp: x5
» Event Experience: x200 (Devil Square +20% more Exp)
» Item Drop: 50%
» Max Master Level: 200
» Max Excellent Option Limit: 2
» Max Stats: 32767 (32000 recommended)
» Webshop: Disabled
» In-game Cash Shop X
» Reconnect System
» Auto Party System
» Happy Hour Bonus Exp


» Reset Level: 400
» Reset Price: 5kk * Resets
» Reset Stats: Yes
» Reset Free Points: Resets * 900 (SM, ELF, BK, SUM) / Resets * 1000 (MG, DL, RF)
» Reset Reward: 50 Coins

» GR Required Resets: 50
» GR Price: 1kkk
» GR Reset Stats: Yes
» GR Free Points: 15'000
» GR Reward: 3000 Coins


SoulMU Online PvP, PvM settings are made based on maximum stats and with good set items - don't expect all classes to deal same damage in the first low resets.
PvP, PvM settings are pretty good adjusted, especially on maximum stats. Each class has its own advantages and disadvantages, each class has its own settings for defense and damage. Remember, for classes need many stats to train for defense and damage while other classes can train just agility while getting defense and damage.

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